Once more with feeling.

This is my second attempt of blogging. I did it before on MySpace, but I deleted myself there, so everything I’ve written is gone. Then a friend of mine started it herself, and I felt encouraged to do so too (again). This why this first post is called “Once more with feeling”.

So, who am I?

At first: All, who got this link from me, know all these facts.

To those who got there by chance (or by Twitter, which is almost the same) and don’t know me personally, I’ll give you some information: I am 20 years old, a bookworm and a book addict. I like reading, writing, listening to music (some about my taste of music later), good food (and eating), philosophizing and thunderstorms. I study “something with books” in Germany.

This blog is private, and shall not be considered for any application. So you may understand that I don’t want to give you more facts about me. I enjoy being a secret partly…

What is this blog for?

I want to share my thoughts. I’ll write down things which move me, things I thought about or things that happened to me. Also I’ll post playlists of the music I’m currently listening to or books I’m reading and what I think of them. Oh, and not to forget the insights in my little world…

This blog will be bilingual. Some posts will be in German only, some in English only. I do so because I’ll keep my written English on its level. I try to improve my eloquence, I admit.

Some will be translated, because I have friends who aren’t that well in English, so I don’t want them to look up every word in a dictionary.

This was a lot of justification. Forget it, I just wanted everybody to know.

Am I still able to write a short thing?


Well, I am tired now. Good night, dear readers.

Current music:

Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell” # 1, # 2 and # 3

Current Book:

None (unbelievable, but true)

Current activity except blogging:

Listening to music and writing a story


Ein Kommentar zu „Once more with feeling.

  1. […] Einige meiner Freunde können nicht so gut Englisch. Ich will nicht, dass sie jedes Wort im Wörterbuch nachschlagen müssen.

    Ich möchte betonen, dass ICH dem Englischen sehr wohl mächtig bin. Weshalb also, hast du mir geschrieben, ich soll nen Wörterbuch mitnehmen?! *schmoll* Ich dachte, hier kommt jetzt französisch oder so >______>

    Gratuliere zum ersten Eintrag. Und hell yes! I’m the first! X3~

    Dann wollen wir mal unsere Gedanken mit der Welt teilen und so manchen an unserem chaotischen Leben teilhaben.
    Here we go!

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