Playlist of 17th November 2009

Weather: rainy November day


1) Katie Melua – Piece By Piece

2) Pet Shop Boys – most tracks of PopArt

3) Norah Jones – The Fall

4) Björk – Selmasongs


– several Nick Cave songs:

Into My Arms

(Are You) The One I’ve Been Waiting For?

Do You Love Me?

Henry Lee

Death Is Not The End

The Weeping Song

– some other songs:

Karat – Hab den Mond mit der Hand berührt

Snow Patrol – Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

A-Ha – Shadowside

Simon & Garfunkel – Scarborough Fair / Canticle

Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings & Kris Kristofferson – Highwayman

Snow Patrol with Martha Wainwright – Set The Fire To The Third Bar

Katie Melua – The Closest Thing To Crazy

Johnny Cash – Hurt

Coldplay – The Scientist

Library book list (read/current/overall): 4/ 1/13 (also reading two of my own books)

Current books:

David Foster Wallace – Unendlicher Spaß (Infinitive Jest)

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child – Burn Case (Brimstone)

William Shakespeare – Sonnets and Narrative Poems [from library]


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