Some random thoughts.

The February update.

Well, after some German entries, I proudly present an English one. Actually I should prepare myself for the exam I’m going to write tomorrow, but since I consider my knowledge as sufficient, now I wrote this blog. It’ll be short, you’ve got to know.

I wrote about exams. The “hot phase” of the semester starts tomorrow. All in all, I have to pass 5 written exams. We already had two presentations before, which were marked.

Then I’ll have some free time. If I manage to get my “Free time list” ready, I’ll post it. I wrote two for friends who were worried they may not have enough stuff to do until early April. See, I’d be glad if I were in that position. But I have to prepare my speech on Leipzig Book Fair (as I did last year). And my holidays are far shorter and start in middle March.

Weather’s lovely. Snowy as if we’re at the North Pole, but not that cold, luckily.

Now a short list concerning my current state of mind.

I am happy because… the tea’s still hot.

I am sad because… my sweetheart failed his Latin exams. Poor boy.

I miss… the poor boy.

I’d rather… read the new Preston/Child novel, but that book is far away. Self-protection.

I am looking forward to… tomorrow afternoon, when I’m home and learn part 2.

I am listening to… the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings I.

I feel… indistinct.


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