Kate Nash „My Best Friend Is You“

Since I had my very last English exam today, I thought of reviewing this album in English today.

First, I enjoyed the artwork. When having removed the disc you find a cute rabbit looking at you, normally hidden by the disc. You can find all lyrics (a huge plus – I hate albums without lyrics – there is always enough space for pictures, damn it!)

There are 13 songs on it, which must be a bit over average, I guess.

I’ve listened to it twice before. I liked at the first time (I used my old disc man – hell yeah, I still got it, only for such purposes!) and still after the second one. But this is not an album you have to listen to five or six times to understand it. Either you like it or not. There won’t be any increase in sympathy when listening more often.

And here we go:

#1) Paris

Starts quite fast, and sounds merrily. Kate Nash sings as fast as usual. The strings in the background sound really good. After listening to second time, I was able to sing along the chorus. Nice start. I like that song.

#2) Kiss That Grrrl

The second single. Almost as fast as the first one. Kate’s singing has a fascinating rhythm. This is again a happy sounding song, although the lyrics are about a girl thinking about her friend kissing another girl. If you don’t pay attention to them, you may think it is about something different. The sound is a little bit retro, which fits perfectly.

#3) Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?

Now we become a little stranger. The first part is sung. At the very beginning you have a nice acoustic guitar. Then the singing starts – a smart song about lovers getting to know each other, with a Glockenspiel. Then the strange happens: Kate speaks a kind of monologue (in which a four letter word [not the f-one] appears – that justifies the sticker). It sounds personal, but of course you don’t not if it is HER personal stream thought. Maybe she talks to the guy in the song. I like it, really.

#4) I Just Love You More

And it gets stranger and stranger. No, joking. “I Just Love You More” reminds me a bit of the Einstürzende Neubauten. It has almost no lyrics (a few lines were repeated stadily), and Kate sometimes screams scarily, if ask me. She plays with her voice, gives it a deeper or desperate sound. In the end, you hear a breathless climax. Experimental. My boyfriend won’t like it. I do.

I realize that I like all songs so far. I guess there won’t be a huge change.

#5) Do-Wah-Doo

The first single and the reason to buy the album. Retro-style piano, cool bass, nice, easy catching lines, smart lyrics. Again, a difference between music (happy) and content (She is a bitch – why does no one see it?). It makes me feel better when I listen to it.

#6) Take Me To A Higher Plane

Went straight into my feet. There is a change between the first part, the (I call it) bridge and the (I again call it) chorus. The ladder is very fast and contents of five words. Kate’s voice almost sounds like Marit Larssen’s. Except the screaming. Well, not the best song, but not a bad one.

#7) I’ve Got A Secret

Experimental again. Slowly getting faster. Not that much lyrics, too. Comparable to #4. No Cockney… Then it is slow again, becoming steeply faster, and including more sounds. Then shortly exploding in noise. And then stop.

#8) Mansion Song

My highlight. Really. Kate Nash is only speaking; in the background you hear an old vinyl record, a high woman’s voice, barely audible. She is cursing a lot, and speaks vividly. It is the consequence of song #3. Afterwards, you have a shorter music part, with dominant percussion and altered voices. But I favour the first half of the song. It is great. I love the text she speaks – so true…

#9) Early Christmas Present

When I heard that song the first time, I thought “This is a Kate Nash song”. The lyrics are quite sad – he cheated on her and she was the last to know. The focus is on Kate’s voice. She has a choir in the back, as support. It reminds me to the last album. The refrain is remarkable.

#10) Later On

I like it, too. Drums at the beginning, playing kind of a march. Again a small choir. The lyrics are easy to catch, of course especially the chorus. Yeah, I would it consider this another “typical Kate Nash”-song. This is quite a pop song. No offence. Also you should have a look at the lyrics. Kate Nash writes great songs.

#11) Pickpocket

Starts with a small minimal music-like piano solo. The rhythm pauses in her singing (at the beginning of the line) sometimes tore the words, but it sounds good. Example? Pro-tect. Te-lling. Then you hear a quiter part in between. The piano is the bottom line. The second best of the experimental songs.

#12) You Were So Far Away

Only an acoustic guitar. Two Kates singing. Obviously, they put together two different takes. You hear differences in their way of singing, the lengths of words and so on. Really good idea, like two girls singing the same song. Slow and sad song. I should ask my friend A. to play it for me, after I got the notes.

#13) I Hate Seagulls

A simple song, again just a guitar. At first she sings about what she hates, then about things she likes. And after that, she mentions love. This song includes the most beautiful lines of the whole album (and according to me, the best I’ve read in a while by a musician):

“And my heart skips a beat every time that we meet

It’s been a while and now your smile

Is almost like a memory

But then you’re back & I am fine cause you’re with me

& I’m in love with you

And I can’t find the words to make it sound unique

But honestly you make me…strong!

I can’t believe I found someone this kind

I hope we carry on, cause you’re so nice

& I’m in love with you

love with you”

Then it fades slowly, like a dream. Not a bad love song, if you ask me. After that: silence.

And a hidden track called “My Best Friend Is You”, like the whole album. It follows the sound of the last songs. In fact, it sounds like a mix between #12 and #13.

That was it. My general opinion, especially in comparison to “Made Of Bricks”, her last album? You clearly see a development. Kate Nash is more experimental, curses more and still writes great songs. I also like the variety of styles she shows. But the experimental parts are not experimental enough, sometimes. Also there are some repetitions that make some songs sound familiar. And there is no “Mariella” on the album.

To sum up, I would mark this album with a 1-. If you like Kate Nash, you will possibly also like her new album.


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