I’m getting on quite well with my Bachelor thesis. Well, in fact, I’ve prolonged the time that was given to write it, but that can be justified by working while I was supposed to write. By now, I’ve written three quarters of the pages required. I think I’ll finish in time.

In June, my sweetheart and I are going to visit Copenhagen during three days. I am so much looking forward to it. This is the second time I am sleeping in a country that isn’t Germany. My sweetheart said that I have to finish my thesis before we go to Denmark. We have to get up really, really early (at 4.30 a.m., I guess) to catch the first bus to the haven. Then we get into the ferry (not cross the Mersey), cross the Baltic Sea – and there we are in Denmark. The hotel is near the central station, located in the former red-light district – at least that’s what the travel guides tell you… I am anxious to see the quarter. You will get to know all information after I’m back…

At the moment, I am discovering lots of interesting new (to me) bands. First there was Arcade Fire, then Interpol, then The Decemberists. The ladder I’ve listened to while driving with my sweetheart and my twin friends to his place. Then I forgot about them. About a week ago, I heard an amazing song on the radio (at German Deutschlandradio Kultur). I only remembered the chorus, typed in at Google, and then it turned out to be “Rox in the Box” by The Decemberists. After an amazed posting one my twin friends reminded me it was the band we heard during the ride.

I still can type after a day in the library… Astonishing.

After library it rained and got wet. I like getting wet when biking in the rain. The air smells so very special after a rain shower…

I’ve just found out that the new Pendergast novel “Cold Vengeance” will be published in August. I’m the hell wondering how this trilogy (the “Helen”-trilogy, as it seems) will move on. A mad brother, a yet strange-behaving ward, a murdered ex-wife full of hidden secrets – if you have such a family, you don’t need any enemies. I need more money to buy books – and time to read ‘em.

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