Knowledge, Hills, Knitting

Knowledge has always fascinated me. At any time of my life, I want to know more. Mostly, I did know more, because I read nearly everything about almost anything. One of my class mates confessed to me once that my name in the address book of his cell phone was “Lexicon”. It was a superb feeling, being considered as omniscient, but of course I am not.

I do not know how to solve the European Dept Crisis, for instance. But we’re drifting, don’t we? Back to topic, please.

I particularly enjoyed the lecture of “Weltall, Erde, Mensch” [“Universe, Earth, Humans”] that my mom got when she was 14. It was old, antiquated, but it had wonderful pictures and told me everything about how life came to our planet, starting from how our solar system developed to the rising of humans. It had all: black holes, DNA, dinosaurs, everything I was interested in at this time. I was 12, I guess.

Still, I can remember myself as I lay on the grass in the garden, reading that book. Later, when I had to pass my oral exam in Astronomy, I only had to remember the Hertzsprung-Russel-Diagram from the book. I never had to prepare myself for Astronomy tests since I love planets, stars, universes and so on.

There are two constructs of mind that I adore. First, there is the idea of collecting all your memories, every bit of information you’ve ever grasped in a kind of building that exists only in your mind. The German word is “Gedächtnispalast” [Memory Palace]. As an example, you could imagine a large library and put there all the useful, heart-warming or just wise sentences you have read in any book, together with title, author and circumstances. If you want to remember such a remarkable sentence, you’d (in your mind) enter the library, choose the right book and pick the phrase.

When I first read about it, I had to establish one on my own. But it turned out to be very, very difficult. I do not know how many years it took until the Greek or the people I read about successfully wandered their Memory Palace. Unfortunately, I am way too impatient. So I’ll remain scribbling on paper.

The second amazing construct I am fascinated by are people how truly seem to know everything, following the old ideal of Renaissance humans. At this period, people thought of the perfect man knowing everything that one can know at this time, including art, alchemy, astrology, music, poetry and so on. By now, no one can achieve this, because we seem to know too much. One can only specialice.

I would really like to be omniscient. But it is impossible, so I’ll try gathering enough half-knowledge to pass most of discussions about any topic.

Today, we (my parents and I) went on top of a hill in the south of our federal state. Actually it is lower than 100 metres, but in our flat countryside this height is enough it be called mountain. I haven’t encountered the Alps yet, but I went on holidays in the Vogtland (south-east Saxony) and the northern part of Bavaria that is called Franken. There you can find mountains, as I would consider them. In comparison to the hill I visited today… Yeah, they definitely are mountains.

I have never been to that particular hill before. Even the way to it was lovely, driving through a hilly landscape, having that hill approaching at the horizon.

But the small villages along the way made me sad. You could see that they once prospered and now are slowly dying. Passing old, worn-down inns, you’re always wondering how it would have looked like 30 years ago – or even 100 years ago. There were amazingly beautiful villas and houses, all empty, forlorn. I could have bought one in every village. That’s such a pity.

The view from the hill must have been great despite the rain coming closer and closer, but since it had already starting to rain, my Dad and I only went round the little tower atop, looked here and there and went down again. My Mom is afraid of height (such height as towers) and refused to come up. Another reason to not linger very long at the viewpoint.

Knitting is starting to get me. Now that I have finished two projects (one was the first thing I’ve ever knitted, a long, long, thick scarf, which was in Danmark, too), I am desperately looking for new ones. I have a few things in mind: fingerless mittens or a loose front-open vest made after one I own and love. I even got the yarn already. Or shall I knit the cute owl hat I found somewhere or transform the owl-pattern… Or should I do something totally different? Any suggestions?

I discovered Bon Iver. Oh, sweet revelation… Tough, needs a second listen, but amazing.


Note: I would have loved to embed some links, but I am at my hometown and my parents still trust their 56k-Modem, so linking is laborious, annoying and takes too long. Good ol’ Google will help in case you need furhter information, sure. If not, ask me.


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