A movie, some books & crazy behavior

Heya, everyone, here’s an update on my life so far.

Just took my sweetheart to the station to send him back home. Oh, I hate those good-byes… To avoid crying I always leave quite soon after the train came in or I tell him to go (so probably won’t see me sob, which I do sometimes). But we had a nice week-end, though. My parents were supposed to visit, but my Mom felt not so well, so they decided to stay home. I was a little bit disappointed, for I was anxious seeing them, but then I enjoyed having extra time with my sweetheart. And I’ll return home next weekend, so I am going to see them soon.

Last week I saw Melancholia on the theatres. Oh, what a movie! Beautifully photographed, wonderful lead actresses… and stupid camera movements. I had to squint to not become sick while the camera was flinging around as if being (and I swear it was) a hand shot. I strongly recommend the movie. The last Lars von Trier film, “Antichrist” was really strange and partly disgusting, but “Melancholia” left me in a melancholic (hell, yes) awe. Also, I was very fond of the story itself. On my way home I thought about how I would behave knowing that the earth will be destroyed. If the earth is to be crashed by another planet, there nowhere to run. What would I do? Would I remain calm or would I become crazy, doing stuff I’d never done before? I don’t know.

To fulfill the promised “crazy behavior” mentioned in the headline, I bought “Cold Vengeance”, the latest novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Serving as middle part of an intern trilogy, it has it lengths but was still thrilling enough to keep me reading it until 3:30 a.m. Then I had finished it. I had only five hours sleep this day and got a terrible headache in the afternoon, but damn it! I wanted to know how the story went on after “Fever”. And it went on… Now I know what happened to Constance’s infant and why, I read an amusing encounter of Proctor and Corrie Swanson (Corrie rocks ;-)) and the mysterious murder of Pendergast’s wife Helen is solved. Well, not at all, but sufficient for now. There still has to be enough to be revealed in the last part. Oh, I can’t wait! The authors left about three plot lines open… Just a quote: “He wanted to inflict the maximum of pain [left out because it would be a spoiler] to you. You have that effect on people.” Oh, indeed.

Also I bought (or have to read) some books for academic interest: Bertrand Russel and Niklas Luhmann. Hard stuff, but nevertheless fascinating.

On knitting: I have not made progress. My queue is full, and so my planning list, and my stash of wool has recently got an update, but I do not have enough time. Even worse, my next week’s packed and stacked. Maybe I find some time to knit in the evenings or on the train. If I am ever to finish my “Coquille Shawl”, you will get an update. I am still contemplating about even sharing some pictures with you. If you want to be informed, though, I recommend my Ravelry page.

So far now. I greet thee.

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