12 in 2012

In the knitting community, there is always something going on. That means there things like KAL/CAL (Knit/Crochet along), where people all knit a certain pattern and show their progress (mostly the pattern is revealed only partly during the KAL); and those XX in XX-things (12 sweaters in 2012, 12 pairs of socks, 12 lace shawls etc.), of one I’ll tell you something now.

The thing I do this year is „12 in 2012“, meaning that I’ll knit 12 things during yearspan. There is no pressure, I do not have to finish one project per month. I just want to achieve giving knitting more time in my life. I definitely spend too much time on Ravelry 😉

My 12 projects are:

  1. a beret for me (already done)
  2. Socks for me (I managed to savvy knitting socks recently, yeah!)
  3. a Hitchhiker (the pattern of the shawl is quite popular and is based upon „A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“
  4. socks for Mom (I think she’ll be freaking out ;-))
  5. a Nuvem (a huge hexagon-shaped shawl in which you can wrap yourself in. „Nuvem“ is Portuguese and means „Cloud“)
  6. a light hat for me (you know, for Spring days, when the sun shines but the wind chills a bit)
  7. socks for my Sweetheart (he said he’d accept black ones…)
  8. a shawl called „Double Leaf Saroyan“ (triangular with a leaves on the edge)
  9. a shawl called „Haruni“ (another popular pattern that I marvelled at since I learned knitting… Well, that’s not so long ago…)
  10. a muff or mittens for me
  11. finish my Work in Progress
  12. mittens for my Mom (she loves Mittens)

Also, I want to cope or learn some techniques and include them into the projects mentioned above:

  1. cables (on socks or mittens)
  2. short rows (needed when doing sock heels)
  3. the secret of swatching

Furthermore, I plan on buying more needles and knitting books 😉

…I’ll keep you updated when progress is made. Stay tuned!


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