There a few things I found out during the last weeks…

  • New music: Florence + The Machine. I highly recommend her latest album “Ceremonials”. Wonderful. Some songs are epic. My favorites: “What the Water gave me” (#3), “No Light, No Light” (#7) and “Seven Devils” (#8). I love the voice of Florence Welsh and I like the sound. I shall get her debut album.
  • Podcasts. Knitting podcasts, to be exact. I already listened to a podcast from a German knitter, but she only sends her podcasts out too rarely. So I looked for English-speaking podcasts about knitting and found “Cast On”. Brenda, that’s her name, almost updates weekly. By now, there have been more 110 episodes, which I plan to listen to thoroughly. To achieve that, I downloaded those episodes from this year to listen to them while being on the train. When I’ve listened to them, I’ll start from the beginning. I have time and a lot of train rides to face 😉
  • There are, as far as I know, three types of people:
  1. The Spitters: Those who brush their teeth steadily standing at the sink and spit regularly (me).
  2. The Droolers: Those who brush their teeth steadily and open-mouthed, letting the stuff drip into the sink (my boyfriend and my flatmate).
  3. The Walkers: Those who walk around while brushing, spitting only once, as it seems (my Twin friends).
  • And, at least, I am re-reading Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” series. You discover so many details at the second time – I cannot understand why someone would not read any book again…

2 Kommentare zu “Discoveries

  1. Okay, I’m a Walker. *lol*
    Unfortunately, the term „walker“ reminds me of the zombies in the TV-show „The Walking Dead“. There, they call the zombies „Walkers“, too (iirc). oO

    I’m a zombie teeth brusher. (?)

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