Yet another Question-and-Answer-thingy

I saw this at Dull Roar. I was just browsing through the latest 30 posts or so because I had just discovered this fabulous blog. And as you know me, I couldn’t resist to answer. So, here we go.

1. A Picture of Me


That’s my Ravelry avatar. I like it because it shows exactly as much as I want to show you. And there are tulips my boyfriend gave me 😉

2. 10 Random Facts about Me

  • I greatly dislike asparagus.
  • My nails mostly look not good, even though I’m neither a nail biter nor am I afraid to use nail polish.
  • I procrastinate too much. Really.
  • Since I started knitting, my colour favorites have slightly shifted. I now like reds and oranges. Before, they didn’t bother me.
  • I collect owl figures and receipes.
  • I am not the best singer in the universe, but I love to sing along. Even on the train, with headphones on, I’d sing along, mouthing the lyrics. Or tap the beat.
  • I read an „erotic“ novel in my winter vacation. It was from my mother-in-law, I just was curios 😉
  • I wear my amber ring and my clock almost every day.
  • I have a virtual garden, of which I take care daily. At least.
  • My oldest e-mail-adress is 6 years old. I currently have three.

3. Question Time

1. What was the first album you ever purchased (vinyl, tape, or cd)?

I guess this must be some Depeche Mode album. Since I bought them in random order, I do not know which was first. The start of a great love.

2. What was the first accessory you bought with your own money?

Some cheap jewellery, I suppose. I had that phase in my teens.

3. Favourite gift you’ve ever received?

My boyfriend is the king of wonderful presents. He once gifted me a hand-made Scrabble game, made from wood. We use it really often. Also he gifted me an owl-shaped lamp that he also made by himself. He is so crafty! The most loved present from my parents must be the first book they gave me because it opened up my reading obsession.

4. The coolest person you’ve ever met?

I remember only meeting nice people. I can’t think of anyone who was/is „cool“. Sorry.

5. The item in your home with the most sentimental value?

My place is stuffed with sentimental value items. But those three are most valuable: I have a chain with two rings on it. They are the old wedding rings of my parents. In my purse there is a picture of my Grandmother, taken when she was middle-20s. I love that picture. And, last but not least, the pictures of my boyfriend because they stand for so many wonderful memories.

6. The grossest thing in your refrigerator right now?

Old radishes. My flat mate was so kind to remove the two-weeks-old yogurt on my request today.

7. Something you always purchase at the grocery store?

Milk. Apples. Toast. Sweets.

8. One thing you hope to accomplish this year.

Improve my knitting. Seems to be the easiest of my list.

9. Your current favourite song.

„No Light, No Light“ by Florence + the Machine. Awesome, and it always gets a re-play when I listen to it.

10. What we’d eat together if I showed up on your door step today.

I would took out the tasty Rocket Potatoe Soup I made yeasterday. And then I’ll improvise something with pasta 😉


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