Half-year knitting review

Or: Have I reached some of my goals?

Okay, I copied the list I posted here and added whether I make it or not:

1) a beret for me [done. And another hat.]
2) Socks for me [two pairs. Hell yeah! Third on the needles, fourth planned.]
3) a Hitchhiker [done. In wonderful orange lace yarn from KnitPicks.]
4) socks for Mom [not yet.]
5) a Nuvem [yarn is purchased. I need more needles. Seriously.]
6) a light hat for me [nope.]
7) socks for my Sweetheart [not yet.]
8) a shawl called “Double Leaf Saroyan” [nope.]
9) a shawl called “Haruni” [nope. But the yarn’s there in my stash.]
10) a muff or mittens for me [mittens – yeah.]





11) finish my Work in Progress [since I don’t know what WiP is was, I assume I did it ;-)]
12) mittens for my Mom [nope.]

I also wanted to improve my skills and therefore learn new techniques:

  1. cables [nope.]
  2. short rows [I’m such a short row pro now.]
  3. the secret of swatching [ahem.]

You see, I only did 4 out of 12 planned projects. But. I did much more that was not listed.

A cowl.
A triangular, asymmetric shawl
A lace-edged shawl (wonderful!)

A second pair of socks.




A second hat.
A shawl for my Mom.
A hat for my dear friend A. (in progress)




I’d love to post more pictures, but that would make this post rather long. So, if you’re a Ravelry member, you can see my projects here.

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