This picture was taken on the 14th September, 2012 in the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig during the Coldplay show.

I never expected it to be such an awesome show. Indeed, it was fucking awesome. Chris Martin is a great entertainer (Quote: „Sorry for speaking English, but speaking German all the time is fucking scheiße.“). The show had all: ballads, massive sing-alongs, a surprising appearance on the other end of the arena, amonst the people there and, the most marvelous thing: The wristbands. We got them at the entrance and later in the show they shone and blinked, controlled by some technician 🙂

They also did two encores – yeah, I have to notice that. Depeche Mode spoiled me, so I am a but dissappionted by the fact that we were at home at midnight 🙂 So, the show was a bit too short. But that’s not bad.

I even needed a break to breathe after some songs, just because it was so thrilling to sing and dance and be a part of a crowd, to be one voice. That’s what I love about concerts: Singing along and feeling the crowd.

Coldplay played every song that is important to me: „Paradise“, of course, „Violet Hill“, „The Scientist“ and „Fix You“. But they also played songs that are not that known, which I really appreciate.

On the way back, in the tram, the driver had to brake really hard because a car cut the right of way. After the tram stood still, and we all had gasped, the driver said deadpan: „Well at least nobody could’ve fallen over. The tram is crowded enough.“

Now I like Coldplay even more. And on the next tour we will definitely be attending. Promised.


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