WiP Wednesday – the round-up

Get your seat belts on – I know I abandoned my blog for a while. A new obsession demanded to be fed (and isn’t quite done yet), but at least today I can give you an update on my projects. So, let’s start!

1) The first one is the pair of sock that should’ve been finished in January, but took an extra month (well, if I manage the ribbing tomorrow…). My knitting group agreed on trying one pair of socks per month, and as you can see, it worked perfectly 😉 Anyway, I really like how these turned out. The blue is terrific and spirals all the way up. LOVE!


2) the next one is laying around since last year – December 29th, to be exact. It was cast on to use up my leftovers of purple Wollmeise and to have a cute shawlette that’s easy to toss around my neck. I added and extra body repeat because I have way more yarn than the pattern calls for (even though it’s a different weight). By now, I just started the border part. The border is really boring, but I think I’ll make it without falling asleep. TV knitting, here ya go.


3) Candidate #3 is probably a long time project that’s highly anticipated. The pattern is somewhat famous on Ravelry with over 7,000 people having made it. I was gifted the pattern by a knitter from my knitting group. The yarn is from a collection that’s made for another pattern, but the yardage fits perfect and the colours are designed to match, so I took the freedom to ignore the pattern that came with it and started the Colour Affection. I guess I will adore it. Really. The yarn is wonderful, the colours, too, and the stripes are a clever idea. By now, it’s basically a crubled mess of garter stich, but I cannot wait to see it in its whole beauty. Oh yeah.


Now you saw the things I’m currently working on. And there will be even an FO on Friday! Lo and behold!


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