Getting adjusted

In September last year I was offered a traineeship. At this point I was only looking for an internship because I had to do one for my Master’s degree. But this traineeship was a very good offer, and I accepted it.

I had to move, again, thus having moved the fifth time within 5 years. First move was to my study town, then I changed the student’s dorm in my study town; after that I lived at my boyfriend’s for half a year, doing an internship there, then I moved back to my study town to get my Bachelor’s degree; finally I enrolled in 2nd study town and move there too. Let’s say I’m pretty good at driving large cars now 😉

Well, I moved to H. It was near to L., where I did my Bachelor’s, and therefore I was closer to my parents again. Now I don’t need to sit through an annoying three-hour train ride anymore, it takes an hour (again), and I’m home. Plus, I’m back in the federal country I grew up in and I still kinda identify with.

H. is often underrated. It’s neighboring town L. is considered more beautiful and generally better than H. But, it isn’t. H., too, has some great sons and daughters, and the quarter I live in can be compared to L.’s student quarter. Often guest are surprised to find their prejudice about H. broken. I really like this town.

Though I sometimes miss L., I think I don’t miss the city, I’m missing the time I had there. I went to the movies quite often (about twice a month), I met my friends regularly and went out dancing or drinking. I haven’t gone dancing once since I started working, and to be honest, I don’t quite miss it. Sometimes I feel like going out and dancing, but since I was never the partying type, the urge vanishes fast.

Working is really something different from studying. I wasn’t an eager beaver when I studied, I enjoyed life and still took my studies serious; but in retrospect I guess I was more out of the house then. Now I’m quite happy if I can sit down, watch some tv show an knit. Or sit on the balcony, blogging 😉

Plus, I’m a full adult now. Well, I guess I’ll never be an adult thoroughly, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, being an adult means you have more things to keep in mind, things you didn’t care about as a student. Or at least I didn’t think about. And I’m not talking about tackling Mt. Laundry or getting the bills paid. When I studied, all that would happen if I screwed up was that I was bummed. Just me. Now if I screw up it might have an influence on my company, on my colleagues. This is called responsibility, and I still have to find out what that means for me. What my part in the success of my company is.

Also, future. I have high hopes for the future, moving in with my finance and getting married are only two of them, and I feel the need to plan. I also need to save money, and resist the temptations of various yarn shops.

These are things I didn’t anticipate when I thought about getting a job. Oh, and the lack of a cafeteria and long vacations is something that still boggles me 😉

Anyway, after more than half a year, I think I’m almost there. Sometimes, like now, I am really amazed that I cope with all this: That I show up properly dressed (though mostly in unironed shirts…) at the right time at my office, that I do work, go home and eat dinner. I do the groceries, the laundry and the cleaning and I still have a social life (thanks to my flatmate and my Stitch’n’Bitch). I work in the field I always dreamed of and I don’t worry that I didn’t finish my Master’s degree. I will move in with my sweetheart and everything will be fine.

I have adjusted.


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