WiP Wednesday

Okay, here we go. My works in progress.














#1 is a pair of socks. The pattern is „Broken Seed Stitch Socks“ (Ravelry link). One of the girls in my knitting group made a pair and I had to try them, too. The pattern is self is really easy – only four rows, and you memorize it immediately. Great travel knitting. But. I use Lang Yarns Magic Degradé (the gradient yarn), and that stuff is… difficult. It’s a singly ply yarn, meaning it only consists of one thread, and it curls badly. So just an hour ago I cut it, rewound it and hope for the best. On the light side, this allows me to shorten a rather big chunk of purple, so I’ll have more colours in the sock.















#2 is a hat. A tam, to be exact. I have longed to knit the „Snapdragon Tam“by Ysolda Teague for a loooooong time. Then I got the yarn, and a month ago (really? A WHOLE MONTH AGO???) I started it. I had to rip the brim several times, because apparantly I can’t count. Or remember I’m left-handed. Anyway, I even mastered the infamous marker-moving on row 17, and now I am really happy. The green is wonderful. The pic you see is an old one, but I have new pictures to share at the next WiP Wednesday, I’ll load them up.


The last one is my Colour Affection. No new pictures, and I won’t bother you with re-posting the old one 😉 But I made progress and I’m almost done with the third part. I have read on other knitter’s project pages that the fourth (and last) part really flows, so I still have hope! In the meantime, I somehow lost interest in it, because one (short-)row takes about half an hour now, with is booooooring. But my goal is it to wear it next weekend at the Wollefest, so, cross your fingers!

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