The right pace

Fall has come. Though I prefer the winter, I can easily find something good in every season of the year. And what is fall but the theshold to winter?

Anyway, I bike to work, everyday. Except it pours, then I walk. Before I lived with an avid all-year-biker (I’m looking at you, Lucie!), I was rather lazy. But she really made me bike more, and I like biking.

My way varies a bit. Depending on which of the 3 alternative routes I choose, I have more or less steep ascends and more or less traffic. All three routes are short, they take about 15 minutes. But they are going to take longer. And this is why:

Normally I go fast. I have the highest gear running and I drive like the wind, rushing down the descends and pedaling uphill, panting. I then arrive rather sweaty and exhausted, which does not make for a good start of the day.

Today, when i went home, I tried something different. I tried to keep a steady pace (as steady as possible) instead of getting fast, then slowing down, then trying to make up for being slow by going fast again and so on.

And it was better, though I had to constantly keep myself from falling back in the old habit. I even managed to ride the really steep ascend that leads to our house instead of pushing my bike as usual. Hooray!

So, to cut a long story short, sometimes it’s better to be slow, but more steady.


PS: Yeah, I think my blogging hiatus might have been overcome…


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