Big Plans

Hello everyone!

As some kind of New Years Resolution I want to blog more this year. I know I have tried blooging regularly a lot, and this is the next stab at it. Let’s just hope I keep up. It would be nice.

Big plans, says the title of this post. Well, I have them for 2015. I have some for January and some for the whole year. The latter I will talk about in another post. Today, I want to talk about my knitting plans for this month.

On Ravelry, there are many, many groups one can enter. One of them is called „Lazy, Stupid, Godless“ (short LSG). Within this group there is a monthly thread which is for goals plus an added reward for making them. At the beginning of the month, you post your goals, knitting/crafting or other (though only crafting counts for the rewards). As the month goes on, you post your progress and best case make a pic of the finished object. Then out of all finished objects the mod draws some and assigns them prizes. The more FOs you have, the higher is your chance for prizes.

I love this thread. You can brag about how you did 5 rounds on 500+ stitches or whine that you had to rip half a sweater. It’s full of support, kind words and love. And it also kicks your ass.

My plans for January that I posted there were:

  • Cast on & start (& maybe finish?) an actual item of clothing for me (either Make a Wish or Stripes gone crazy or Old Romance or Boxy)
  • Start a pair of socks
  • Knit a Milo for HAJ, coworker’s baby
  • Start Fallow Mittens optional
  • Continue spinning practise, when the current training braid is done, dye it with Kool Aid and make something out of it (shawlette, probably)

I’ll keep you updated.

Update 1: I cast on a Boxy yesterday. By now, it looks like this:


It’s made of lace yarn held double because the pattern calls for fingering. I want to make it striped: bigger stripes of the white (I have about 2000 m of it!) and the blue stripes are half the width of the white ones. So far I’m digging it. Plus the stripes will hopefully make an acre of stockinette less boring.

The next pair of socks will be cast on soon. As soon as I get bored with the Boxy, I think. The actual pattern has not been decided yet, but I’ll just make some toes and then make my mind up. The yarn is already sitting in the sock project bag.

Okay, that’s it for today. What are your plans for January? Share them with me. I’m curious!

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