Going Cold Sheep

Another goal for the first half of the year is going „cold sheep“. This means I won’t buy any new yarn until my wedding anniversary. At the Wollefest in March I’ll only buy spinning stuff and other knitting related things (like a new project bag), but no yarn.

It I manage to knit up all sweater quantities, however, then I am allowed to get new yarn. But that highly unlikely 🙂

Not buying yarn is actually quite hard. And it’s not even about getting *new* yarn. I’m following several destashing threads on Ravelry, and oh boy some people sell lovely, *lovely* stuff. Often I fell like „OMG I HAVE TO BUY IT GIVE IT TO MEEEEE“ – but then I remember I’m on a yarn diet and stop myself from buying it.

I know that compared to others, my stast is relatively small (currently 52 items, 14 of them partially used). But still I feel a bit overwhelmed. It also seems that if I wouldn’t stop myself from doing so, I’d hoard sock yarn – I already have enough for several pairs (including scrap socks). According to the Rules of Stash Acquisition, sock yarn doesn’t count as stash, but still. I have enough. I also want to *use* the lovely stuff I purchased and not have it sitting around for ages, because I keep forgetting about it.

I’ll try and keep you updated on my not-buying yarn. I hope I’ll be able to manage it!


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