Walking on a grey day

Yesterday evening, it snowed. Sadly, nothing of it was left today except a thin layer on the car roofs and the green areas. I love snow, and I’m still waiting for it to stick around a bit here.

Nevertheless, we walked a bit. We do have a habit of having an afternoon stroll, and since it wasn’t raining, we could follow that habit. Since I want to prepare for the cross run in September, I downloaded a step counting app yesterday and was curious what it would tell me about our walk.

We have several „standard rounds“ – all of them take 45-60 minutes. One passes along the river and can be shortened of extended, another one goes along an old railway that is a recreational space now and the third one goes to the southern cemetary. This way we took.

I had my camera ready, because I often want to take a picture of the statues that were built to remember the deceased. Today, I found her:


We also found traces of the winter:


I love the southern cemetry. We walk there a lot. It’s beautiful in all seasons. The best thing is the park-like layout. You walk in a park with added gravestones. And even though there’s a large-ish street in front of it, it’s always quiet and calm and beautiful.

The step counter said 6.300 steps and 4.6 km in the end. Not bad, not bad.

What’s your favourite walking place?


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