January in Knitting

The first month of the year is over. How fast it went!

I blogged about my knitting goals here, and now I want to show you if I managed to complete them.

-> I did indeed start a Boxy! It’s going very slow, but it’s a great tv knitting project.

  • Start a pair of socks

-> Who am I without a pair of socks on the needles? Here they are. I usually take them to work and knit in my lunch break.

  • Knit a Milo for HAJ, coworker’s baby

-> My coworker didn’t get around sending me baby’s measurements. I understand, because she’s got more important things to do! I don’t mind. Maybe she’ll manage next month.

-> Nope 🙂

  • Continue spinning practise, when the current training braid is done, dye it with Kool Aid and make something out of it (shawlette, probably)

-> I finished the training braid, plied my two singles… and had like 70 meters, tops. So there’s nothing I can make from it. But I ordered some lovely green fibre. I just need the time to continue practise spinning.

Not in this list: A cowl I’m currently making out of the gifted yarn. Because when you look at yarn and immediatly know what it’s going to be, you have to do it right away 🙂

I’m at the 25% mark, which looks like this:


The pattern is called „Orchid Cowl“. I substituted the given lace part, though, because I didn’t like it. I also think the pattern is somewhat confusing, so I made a shorthand version plus my lace chart. It knit up very fast, which is great. I hope I can wear it before spring comes round!

Okay, this was my January in knitting. I’ll post my February goals soon. Tell me about your January, how was it for you?

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