Springtime knitting OR plans and distractions

February was so short; I didn’t even bother posting my goals for it. 🙂

I participated in the February challenge in LSG in Ravelry, but I somehow managed to not post in here. Shame on me. Though it doesn’t matter actually, because I didn’t manage to reach my goals anyway 😛

The biggest distraction was reading. I bought 6 books and got 3 from the library, and that fuelled my reading kick. I burned through 4 of them in all February. The last library book is currently being read. If you like space operas, go and give a try, it is one book of the Revelation Space series by Alastair Reynolds.

I stumbled upon this series by sheer serendipity, and I love them. They are set somewhat in the future, but not too distant (a few hundred years), and have a very realistic feel to them. The stories are connected, but you can read them as stand-alone novels, too. It’s nicer to recognize certain events and places, but there are explanations so you don’t feel lost. All the developments that humankind has made according to Reynolds are plausible to me. I like the characters – there is no black and white, but many shades of grey. (Not fifty. I counted.) So, if you happen to find a book by Alastair Reynolds, go for it.

Yeah, reading. There were other books, too – Stoner by John Williams was probably the best I’ve read for a long time – and that kept me from knitting a bit.

But no too much, thank Bob. I knit a vest for my Co-worker’s new-born son. That was a really fast knit. It took me only one week! Now I’m waiting for her to send me pics. I will share them here if I get her permission to do so.

The Boxy got a few more rounds added, too. This is an endless project. Knitting lace weight held double on 2.75 mm needles takes for-freaking-ever. I’m mostly working on it while watching tv or listening to podcasts, because otherwise I’d fall asleep while knitting.

My cowl produced a bit of a drama. I finished 2/3 of it when it crossed my mind to check the length, because it looked a bit small. Turns out with my smaller gauge I can essentially knit the whole thing again to reach the length given.

Yesterday I sucked it up and started part 2. It went very well, thanks to the griping story my audio play told me. (If you can understand German and like horror/mystery audio plays, check out Gabriel Burns [Link in German]. It’s awesome.)

Here’s how I plan to add length to the cowl.

The main pattern goes like this:

  • Large lace panel,
  • stockinette/garter section,
  • medium lace panel,
  • stockinette/garter section,
  • small lace panel,
  • stockinette/garter section.

The s/g section is the same throughout. I already added another repeat of the medium lace panel yesterday. When I’m done with the following s/g section, I’ll measure again and either add the small of the big section. I’m a sucker for geometry, so the best would be the large panel, if it were a scarf; but then I’d have to graft two large sections together, which is unfavourable to me.

If the small section is sufficient, it’d be not geometric. AAAAAH! Decisions, decisions. And I shall not forget that the darn thing has to fit around my neck!

The last WiP are my socks. I want to reach the heel as soon as possible. If I am past the heel, I could take them to the Book Fair mid-March and knit on them in my short 5-minute-breaks. Which probably won’t happen. But I have an alternative in store for those small breaks: Spinning.

In December I purchased a set of samples of different breeds of sheep. I wanted to get familiar with them. On Thursday I started the merino sample. Wow. I spun very thin (thanks to the staple length of the fibre, I suppose) and it was fast.

So I’ll take my spindle with me, because I can spin in short intervals and be right back in under 1 minute.

And last but not least, here are my knitting goals for March. Essentially, I want to knit as much as possible. Maybe finish the cowl. That’d be great. Or I finish spinning the merino sample. That’d be great, too.

I hope I find time to share my progress, just like I did in January.

Stay tuned!

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