Sock Experiments…

I love knitting socks. But there’s one thing that I dread about socks: making the heels. Usually, I knit my toe-up sock until I reach the heel. And then… it stops. The socks have to wait in time-out until I can bring myself to knit the heels. This also stops any hypothical progress on the legs.

Also since I stick to my „you can start a new pair of socks once you’ve done the heels on the old ones“-rule, this takes away the fun in starting new socks.


This pair, though, is going to be different. I’ll knit these with an afterthought heel, meaning the heel will be added after the rest of the sock is done. My to-go-heel is made with short rows. The afterthought heel is made like a top-down toe – I hope this will make the knitting faster.

Ha! And thus my problem of casting on new socks is eliminated. I can start a new pair as soon as I’ve done the heel place holder. And on a quiet Saturday afternoon I will get the finished socks, and knit the heels.

A few questions remain, though: How will the fit be? Will the heel be a the right place? How will it hold up when I wear it?

I’ll let you know!


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