Goal Round-up April and May

Wow, May already. And even the 5th, holy moly.

And since I don’t want to stop posting here – it’s been an awful lot of time since I posted last – I’ll bring you the April goal check up.

I finished the socks. There look awesome, and I love them. Too bad it’s too warm right now to wear them. The yarn was from „Drachenwolle“, colourway „King of Spades“, which fits perfectly. Due tot he busy colours, I decided to just do a ribbed sock, which was a good idea, albeit a bit boring.

I knit them toe-up, as usual, but with an afterthought heel which I added at a point where I had mustered enough willpower to do it.

First time afterthought heel and um, they fit. Sort of. They look terrible when I’m not wearing the socks, and a bit strange when I have put them on. But that’s what you get for a) not paying attenting and b) winging it. The next time I’ll do as the pattern says. Promise.

The second goal was to finish the sleeves on my Old Romance. It’s knit in a rather unusual construction, so that you finish the sleeves first. I have not reached that point. But I’m just a couple of short rows away from it.

There is a mistake to fix before or while I’m knitting them, though. After picking up stitches (just follow me, I don’t want to spoil too much – it’s paid pattern, after all) I had 10 less than given. Yep. So now I have tot hink how I can add there before finishing the sleeves. The number is crucial.

On a happier note, I started a new pair of socks right away. In the LSG group on Ravelry there were a lot of people who made the [Zigzagular Socks]. And when I saw the pattern, I knew I had to knit them from the gorgeous Baltic Sea-themed yarn that’s been in my stash for a bit. And they look awesome. It took me a while to remember that as a leftie, I have to mirror the cables as well (front->back and vice versa), but now it’s going well. These will be made with afterthought heels, too, because I want to make a perfect afterthought heel and actually stick to the pattern for once.

And after that, I’ll give you my goals for May:

  • finish the sleeves on Old Romance (yes, yes)
  • knit socks until you reach the point where you put in the waste yarn fort he afterthought heel
  • start birthday present for you Mum

More on the last item in another blog post. 🙂

What are your May goals?


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