May Goal Wrap-up / June Goals

Phew! June already!

Okay, let’s make this quick – these were my May goals:

  • reach the heel on the Zigzagulars -> still halfway through the foot
  • continue Old Romance, preferably finish arms -> I did it! Pics are a bit downwards.
  • spin a bit -> didn’t happen. :/
  • start Mom’s birthday shawl -> didn’t happen either. 😦

But here are the June goals & a little bit of the progress I’ve made on them already:

  • reach heels of socks
  • get past bra band on Old Romance
  • start Mum’s birthday gift
  • spin a tiny bit

Okay, how did I do so far?

I started Mom’s birthday gift, a Brickless made from awesome merino/silk fingering yarn. Oh the shiny! The yarn almost became socks, but I could bear wearing silk (so precious!) and I stopped liking the pattern, so I frogged them.


My Old Romance is also looking good:


I also did spin, but I don’t have a photo. The socks are being a bit neglected, poor things. But top priority is Mum’s present.

So, tell me: What are your June goals?

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