Podcasts Or How I Get Stuff Done

Woohoo, second post in a month or so!

On topic, girl, on topic.

A few years ago, this post wouldn’t have been written. I did not know that podcasts were A Thing, much less that I would listen to them. Before, I didn’t like listening to audio books. Audio drama was okay, but there only was one drama I followed, mainly because a friend introduced me to it and wanted to stick to it. There were huge gaps between me and the next bunch of episodes.

The one podcast that started my love is Welcome to Night Vale. It made its round on Facebook and Ravelry, and after I heard only praise, I gave it a try. Calling it an epiphany would be too much, but it did change my mind. I remember listening to it in bed, being truly comforted by Cecils (to those unfamiliar: he is the host of the fictional radio show about the town called Night Vale) voive, and not a bit spooked by the things he described.

After I ran out of back episodes, I started checking for other shows. The rest is history.

I do follow some knitting podcasts, but those either stopped updating (Brenda, oh Brenda), or update rather rarely, so these don’t count here.

My current selection of podcasts in my podcast app is quite diverse:

said Welcome to Night Vale

Serial: The first season followed a criminal case in which it isn’t sure whether the right person was convicted or not. I was obsessed, and so were a lot of people.The second seasons takes a different turn.

Criminal: This show talks about something crime-related in every episode, like K9 officer training or divers who get bodies out of water or curious crimes.

No Such Thing As A Fish: A spinoff of the tv show QI, four people talk about their favourite facts of the week and related stuff, loving insults and general awesomeness ensues. Oh, and it’s British 🙂

And, lastly, Futility Closet: This relates to NSTAAF, with something interesting to learn about in each episode, plus lateral thinking puzzles which are great brain food.


And then, there is housework. You know, doing laundry, ironing, folding clothes, hanging it up, putting it down, doing dishes, all the things I don’t particularly enjoy.

Cue podcasts. They make this boring work easier. I have fond memories of putting down laundry in the attic while hearing about a girl who saved several people from drowing, sqeeing over Cecil and Carlos while ironing or walking home from work and giggling over one of the NSTAAF hosts forgetting the name of one of the others while introducing him.

I also remember crying when Brenda from Cast On announced she would stop podcasting (she started again since then), I was washing dishes and had to stop for a moment.

But they are also good for knitting. I love listening and knitting.

Do you listen to podcasts? Tell me, I’d love to hear about them!

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