A look back & a look forward

Hello 2017!

I hope you all had a great start into the new year. We had a quiet evening, just the two of us, boardgames, homebrew wine from my FIL and our little traditions.

The latter half of 2016 was a busy one: Mr Charming had finished his teaching internship and looked for a new place. He found one only to get a better one starting two months later. This meant having two small and one big move within a few months. I’m not going to move for some time again, thank you very much.

In knitting terms, I was moderately successful. I knit 6 gifts, 1 shawl, 1 cowl, 1 pair of mittens, and half a cardigan. I also started fingerless mittens.
More selfish knitting this year, I guess? Or less procreating coworkers, because half of the gifts were for adorable coworker sprogs. The other half went to my Mum 🙂


Okay, so what’s in store for 2017?

First off, now that we’ve settled into our new life with me commuting, I want to tweak some things. I still buy too much food in my lunch break, which often leads to unhealthy stuff. So I want to bring more healthy lunches to work or at least avoid the ready-made meals when shopping for food. I also eat too many carbs in general – the main station bakery is too tempting. Alternatives could be prepared snacks that I munch on the train ride home. Or a change in eating habits at work, so that I can skip that entirely.

I also want to continue my workouts. Despite me having colds the last month, we managed to keep up the weekly swimming dates. I want to introduce a second sporting thing in the week. We’ll see if that takes too much time from my evenings, which are already short.

Once the weather gets warmer, I’ll take my bike on the train and go back to riding to work. It’s only a short distance, but I have a feeling that I need the extra bit of biking up that hill. It’ll also cut time in the tram, another potential infection spot and will make me arrive faster at work. Bonus.

In knitting, I want to finish my green cardigan (preferably in January) and start another one. I also haven’t knit a single pair of socks in 2016, and they make great commute projects, so there will be socks.

My knitting group decided on a hap-KAL for our trip to Edinburgh (more on that later, but SQUEEE!!!), so the shawl will be my first portable project. Judging by how fast the last one went, getting it done before March should be easy-peasy.

That’s it for now!

Let me know – what are your plans for the fresh year? Have a great 20017!


Lost & found and NaKniSweMo

In the first week of October, we moved to another town. Before the move, with all the organisation and box-packing going on, I completely lost my knitting mojo. I either was too tired or simply not in the right mindset to pick up my needles. It felt kinda weird, because on the one hand it was unusual to not knit while watching tv or Netflix, but on the other hand it was … interesting to see how I dealt with not knitting. It didn’t feel good per se, but it was like I needed a break from it. Does that make sense?
But my knitting mojo is slowly coming back – yesterday I even started my first colourwork project. I know it’s going to look terrible, but practise makes perfect, right?
Since I now have a commute, I can also use it and knit on the train. The only downside is that I don’t have space for more complex patterns that require a print-out. But that’s not a big problem. I just need to take projects that are small and have an easy to memorize pattern, and I’m set!

Remember this sweater? According to Ravelry, I started it in … February. Holy moly. Did not expect it to be this early. Anyway, as you may know, November is the National Knit a Sweater Month in which a lot of knitters produce a garment within a month.
For me and the upcoming November, I’ve decided I want to finish my Lipstick Cardigan.
It’s intended to be worn in my office, which can get quite chilly (one wall is an outside wall and that cools the whole room down). So in order to get to wear the cardigan at least a few times before spring, I want to finish the majority in November.
That means I want to finish knitting what is left of the body (two rows plus cast-off), the arms and the buttonband. Sewing in ends and blocking can happen in December, that’s okay. But 90% should be done within the month.
It’s also allowed to knit other stuff, which is a no-brainer because I can’t take it on my commute. So I need at least one other project for my commute and my lunch break.
We’ll see how it pans out. I’m fairly hopeful it’ll work.

And now you: Do you have plans for NaKniSweMo? If so, what plans?

Promises & Challenges

This blog is being neglected.

I know that with every new entry I always promise that this time it will be different. I won’t. So I’m not even sorry here. Because it won’t make a difference. I thought about podcasting, but I doubt it will help. It’s just my mindset about blogging.

Now that this is off my chest, let’s talk about the second part of title of this blog, „Challenges“.

November is NaKniSweMo – National Knit A Sweater Month. As it happens, I have an unfished cardigan lying around.

Right now, it looks like this, plus 3 rows more:

As you might have guessed, I want to finish it in November. This won’t make me eligible for the actual challenge, but it will be my personal challenge. This also means I have to get done with all other WIPs, but I’m good at that, because there are only two:

  • the Zigzagular Socks are on a good way. Tonight one will get the first afterthought heel.
  • a hat for my Mum, as a Christmas gift, only needs 1 more repeat, the decrease section and then BAM, done.

I know I only have, like, 6 days, but I can do it. So, without further ado, I’ll bid you goodbye. Need to finish stuff!

Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage Woche 26/2015

Das Wollschaf fragt:

Für die meisten ist Selbstgestricktes Alltagskleidung, in der Freizeit getragen oder -je nach Dresscode- auch auf der Arbeit.

Aber ab und zu findet man in Strickzeitschriften auch elegante, festliche Modelle und das eine oder andere gestrickte oder gehäkelte Brautkleid hat das Wollschaf auch schon gesehen.

Kannst Du Dir vorstellen, zu einem formellen oder festlichen Anlaß oder einfach nur abends zum Ausgehen Stricksachen zu tragen?
Besitzt Du besonders schicke, elegante selbstgestrickte Sachen? Zeig mal!

Ich habe mir für meine Hochzeit ein sehr, sehr schönes cremefarbenes Tuch aus reiner Seide gestrickt. Das war eine Heidenarbeit – aber jede Masche wert. Ich traue mich auch gar nicht, es zu anderen Anlässen zu tragen. Allerdings gab es bis jetzt auch gar keine Gelegenheit, fällt mir ein.

Und hier noch ein Foto. Leider gibt es kein einziges Bild, auf dem man es in voller Pracht an mir sieht …

IMG_3567_cut IMG_3573_cut

May Goal Wrap-up / June Goals

Phew! June already!

Okay, let’s make this quick – these were my May goals:

  • reach the heel on the Zigzagulars -> still halfway through the foot
  • continue Old Romance, preferably finish arms -> I did it! Pics are a bit downwards.
  • spin a bit -> didn’t happen. :/
  • start Mom’s birthday shawl -> didn’t happen either. 😦

But here are the June goals & a little bit of the progress I’ve made on them already:

  • reach heels of socks
  • get past bra band on Old Romance
  • start Mum’s birthday gift
  • spin a tiny bit

Okay, how did I do so far?

I started Mom’s birthday gift, a Brickless made from awesome merino/silk fingering yarn. Oh the shiny! The yarn almost became socks, but I could bear wearing silk (so precious!) and I stopped liking the pattern, so I frogged them.


My Old Romance is also looking good:


I also did spin, but I don’t have a photo. The socks are being a bit neglected, poor things. But top priority is Mum’s present.

So, tell me: What are your June goals?

Goal Round-up April and May

Wow, May already. And even the 5th, holy moly.

And since I don’t want to stop posting here – it’s been an awful lot of time since I posted last – I’ll bring you the April goal check up.

I finished the socks. There look awesome, and I love them. Too bad it’s too warm right now to wear them. The yarn was from „Drachenwolle“, colourway „King of Spades“, which fits perfectly. Due tot he busy colours, I decided to just do a ribbed sock, which was a good idea, albeit a bit boring.

I knit them toe-up, as usual, but with an afterthought heel which I added at a point where I had mustered enough willpower to do it.

First time afterthought heel and um, they fit. Sort of. They look terrible when I’m not wearing the socks, and a bit strange when I have put them on. But that’s what you get for a) not paying attenting and b) winging it. The next time I’ll do as the pattern says. Promise.

The second goal was to finish the sleeves on my Old Romance. It’s knit in a rather unusual construction, so that you finish the sleeves first. I have not reached that point. But I’m just a couple of short rows away from it.

There is a mistake to fix before or while I’m knitting them, though. After picking up stitches (just follow me, I don’t want to spoil too much – it’s paid pattern, after all) I had 10 less than given. Yep. So now I have tot hink how I can add there before finishing the sleeves. The number is crucial.

On a happier note, I started a new pair of socks right away. In the LSG group on Ravelry there were a lot of people who made the [Zigzagular Socks]. And when I saw the pattern, I knew I had to knit them from the gorgeous Baltic Sea-themed yarn that’s been in my stash for a bit. And they look awesome. It took me a while to remember that as a leftie, I have to mirror the cables as well (front->back and vice versa), but now it’s going well. These will be made with afterthought heels, too, because I want to make a perfect afterthought heel and actually stick to the pattern for once.

And after that, I’ll give you my goals for May:

  • finish the sleeves on Old Romance (yes, yes)
  • knit socks until you reach the point where you put in the waste yarn fort he afterthought heel
  • start birthday present for you Mum

More on the last item in another blog post. 🙂

What are your May goals?

Die verstrickte Dienstagsfrage Woche 16/2015

Jeden Dienstag postet Das Wollschaf eine Frage für Strickblogger – und heute war mal eine für mich dabei!

Stricksachen in Film und Fernsehen – achtest Du darauf?
Hast Du Tipps für sehenswerte Filme oder Serien mit schönen Strickstücken?
Gibt es bestimmte Sachen, die Dir besonders im Gedächtnis geblieben sind?
Hast Du vielleicht sogar schon mal ein Modell aus einem Film nachgestrickt?

Mir fallen Stricksachen tatsächlich vermehrt auf, seit ich stricke. Ganz toll war zum Beispiel die Jacke, die Keira Knightley in „The Imitation Game“ trug. Die war traumhaft.

Ich achte jetzt aber nicht besonders drauf, ob in einer Serie gestrickte Kleidung vorkommt oder nicht. Wenn was hübsches dabei ist oder jemand strickt, freue ich mich kurz und weiter geht’s. Deswegen kann ich auch keine Serien empfehlen.

Aber die Jacke von der Keira, die würd‘ ich schon gern nachstricken 😉