5 weeks after

It’s been almost 5 weeks since we moved. Time to step back and see what’s different, what’s better and what’s worse.

  1. Routine. We both now have a completely new routine. I get up almost an hour earlier than I used to. My commute is now by train and not by foot/tram/bike, which also means I’m home much later. Recently it means leaving in the dark and arriving in the dark, but that will change after midwinter.
  2. More time. I can use my commute for knitting, listening to podcasts or reading. I got so much done in terms of knitting progress and I burn through 2-3 episodes one way, it’s insane. It’s also great to snooze about in the mornings and take my time to get properly awake, and after a stressful day it’s nice to unwind and calm down. The landscape is nice to watch, and I’ve seen a few roes already!
  3. Dependency on public transport. If the train fails, I’m screwed. If it’s during break, I can take our car, but if it’s on regular school days, well, as I said. Screwed.
  4. Evenings with Mr Charming. This is the biggest pro and just so great. After being in a long-distance-relationship for a looooooong time (7+ years), spending the evening together is da bomb. I enjoy talking about how our days went and the cuddling is hard to beat 😉 Though I kinda miss my alone evenings with Netflix and knitting – some shows I watch just aren’t his pair of shoes, but that’s okay. There will be enough nights when he’s holed up in his room grading tests.
  5. So much stuff. Combining two households creates so many duplicates. I keep telling myself I have to go on a big purge in the holiday break. Maybe I’ll do it.
  6. More space! Yay! We now have a two-bedroom apartment (three-room-flat for the Germans reading this) and it feels great. Though as mentioned in 4., we have lots of stuff, so it’s not that any room is empty …
  7. Smaller kitchen. Oh yeah, that took us some time to get used to. Our old kitchen was really spacious compared to the new one. But the lack of counter space leads to less clutter on them, so it’s blessing in disguise?
  8. Having upstairs neighbors. We used to live right below the attic (which only we used for drying our laundry), so there was no sound from above ever. But now a family lives upstairs, and I chuckle at 9 p.m. when I hear the kid running around, trying to invade bedtime!
  9. A balcony! This was an absolute must on our shopping list, and very nice to have. I can’t wait for the first breakfast in the sun – it even faces east, perfect!

Yeah, that’s it so far. What about you? Any novelty in your life that changed your habits? Got a puppy? Tell me!


Half-year knitting review

Or: Have I reached some of my goals?

Okay, I copied the list I posted here and added whether I make it or not:

1) a beret for me [done. And another hat.]
2) Socks for me [two pairs. Hell yeah! Third on the needles, fourth planned.]
3) a Hitchhiker [done. In wonderful orange lace yarn from KnitPicks.]
4) socks for Mom [not yet.]
5) a Nuvem [yarn is purchased. I need more needles. Seriously.]
6) a light hat for me [nope.]
7) socks for my Sweetheart [not yet.]
8) a shawl called “Double Leaf Saroyan” [nope.]
9) a shawl called “Haruni” [nope. But the yarn’s there in my stash.]
10) a muff or mittens for me [mittens – yeah.]





11) finish my Work in Progress [since I don’t know what WiP is was, I assume I did it ;-)]
12) mittens for my Mom [nope.]

I also wanted to improve my skills and therefore learn new techniques:

  1. cables [nope.]
  2. short rows [I’m such a short row pro now.]
  3. the secret of swatching [ahem.]

You see, I only did 4 out of 12 planned projects. But. I did much more that was not listed.

A cowl.
A triangular, asymmetric shawl
A lace-edged shawl (wonderful!)

A second pair of socks.




A second hat.
A shawl for my Mom.
A hat for my dear friend A. (in progress)




I’d love to post more pictures, but that would make this post rather long. So, if you’re a Ravelry member, you can see my projects here.

12 in 2012

In the knitting community, there is always something going on. That means there things like KAL/CAL (Knit/Crochet along), where people all knit a certain pattern and show their progress (mostly the pattern is revealed only partly during the KAL); and those XX in XX-things (12 sweaters in 2012, 12 pairs of socks, 12 lace shawls etc.), of one I’ll tell you something now.

The thing I do this year is „12 in 2012“, meaning that I’ll knit 12 things during yearspan. There is no pressure, I do not have to finish one project per month. I just want to achieve giving knitting more time in my life. I definitely spend too much time on Ravelry 😉

My 12 projects are:

  1. a beret for me (already done)
  2. Socks for me (I managed to savvy knitting socks recently, yeah!)
  3. a Hitchhiker (the pattern of the shawl is quite popular and is based upon „A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“
  4. socks for Mom (I think she’ll be freaking out ;-))
  5. a Nuvem (a huge hexagon-shaped shawl in which you can wrap yourself in. „Nuvem“ is Portuguese and means „Cloud“)
  6. a light hat for me (you know, for Spring days, when the sun shines but the wind chills a bit)
  7. socks for my Sweetheart (he said he’d accept black ones…)
  8. a shawl called „Double Leaf Saroyan“ (triangular with a leaves on the edge)
  9. a shawl called „Haruni“ (another popular pattern that I marvelled at since I learned knitting… Well, that’s not so long ago…)
  10. a muff or mittens for me
  11. finish my Work in Progress
  12. mittens for my Mom (she loves Mittens)

Also, I want to cope or learn some techniques and include them into the projects mentioned above:

  1. cables (on socks or mittens)
  2. short rows (needed when doing sock heels)
  3. the secret of swatching

Furthermore, I plan on buying more needles and knitting books 😉

…I’ll keep you updated when progress is made. Stay tuned!

A picture out of words

A picture out of words

There is a fine site on the internet called wordle.net. There you can create word clouds out of text or websites. And you can change fonts and colours. I pasted in my blog’s adress and this was the result:

I have deleted such words as „the“ and „and“, though, since they are way too common.

And now the analysis… No, just joking. I really like it. It’s my desktop background, now.

Some random thoughts.

The February update.

Well, after some German entries, I proudly present an English one. Actually I should prepare myself for the exam I’m going to write tomorrow, but since I consider my knowledge as sufficient, now I wrote this blog. It’ll be short, you’ve got to know.

I wrote about exams. The “hot phase” of the semester starts tomorrow. All in all, I have to pass 5 written exams. We already had two presentations before, which were marked.

Then I’ll have some free time. If I manage to get my “Free time list” ready, I’ll post it. I wrote two for friends who were worried they may not have enough stuff to do until early April. See, I’d be glad if I were in that position. But I have to prepare my speech on Leipzig Book Fair (as I did last year). And my holidays are far shorter and start in middle March.

Weather’s lovely. Snowy as if we’re at the North Pole, but not that cold, luckily.

Now a short list concerning my current state of mind.

I am happy because… the tea’s still hot.

I am sad because… my sweetheart failed his Latin exams. Poor boy.

I miss… the poor boy.

I’d rather… read the new Preston/Child novel, but that book is far away. Self-protection.

I am looking forward to… tomorrow afternoon, when I’m home and learn part 2.

I am listening to… the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings I.

I feel… indistinct.

The Food Post

Things I’d like to eat/drink/taste before I die:




Spaghetti with truffles and oil




Real Risotto

Real Paella

Any cake with ganache cream

Avocado / Guacarmole

Devilfish (Lophius americanus)



Whine from the year I was born in (1989, not that old)

Bloody Mary

Wodka Martini (yes!)


Gose (kind of beer, brewed in Saxony)

Things I ate once, but will never eat again:

Pizza with kebab meat

Pizza with hot dog ingredients on it



Sardines / Pilchards

… to be continued